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Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived alone in a grand castle. The castle was well kept, well-polished, neat, beautiful, but empty. The halls echoed with loneliness and no other human being was in sight. There were only fragile furniture, delicate clothing, and the ethereal beauty of the princess which matched the entire castle. The princess was also a kind and forgiving person. Everything was beautiful, yes, but it was also empty and lonely. The only company she had were her books. They were stacked in a majestic room lined with shelves from floor to ceiling. There was enough reading material to last for at least a thousand years. She would have her nose nuzzled inside a book, light pouring from every side of every room, curtains blowing in every direction because of the open windows, all of them getting tangled up in one colossal mess that she would have to fix later in the day.

Every now and then, hurricanes would wreck her beautiful castle. Causing chaos inside and out. Her fragile furniture would be broken to pieces, irreparable. Her delicate clothes would all be ripped to shreds. And her flushed cheeks would be stained with tears and her eyes were red from having to endure the hurricanes alone. But after a while, her furniture would be fixed, no matter how irreparable it seemed at the time. Her clothes would be sewn back together, her face would no longer be tainted by tears, and her eyes would no longer be haunted by crimson from sleepless nights where she cried and thought of how scared she was.




Hurricanes pass and good days come. But the princess wished the good days would come more often than the bad days. Because more often than not, the bad days tormented her. The good days consisted f smiles and laughter emitting sunshine throughout the castle, if only for a while. Even if she knew deep down that it was all untrue. It was a fool’s paradise, those good days. Eventually, even though she knew the consequences that would come, she would trudge down the primrose path and face the hurricanes head on alone, without a friend in the world.

The princess lived like this for years. It was a routine she knew by heart, she knew the moments and how long they would pass as well as the back of her hands. Her solitude left her with a lot of time in her hands. Most of them she used to read, some to explore her castle, and some to scrutinize herself. This was her tedious life.


Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Until one day, a hurricane seemed to have taken a human form. The hurricane was a handsome young man with striking blue eyes and hair as black as a raven. He too, was kind, like the princess. He held her when the princess woke up sweating, fearing that when she woke up, she would be alone once more. They faced the hurricanes together, unwavering. Because the prince too, had his fair share of hurricanes. She inevitably fell in love, and so did he. They spent days and nights nestled among each other’s arms, listening to each other’s heartbeats and enjoying each other’s company. They read, ate, talked, walked, and kissed, very passionately. When one day, the princess’ nightmare came true, the hurricane no longer loved her. Or maybe it was that he had never loved her the way the princess thought he did. So he left, leaving no visible damage to the castle nor the princess. He left safely, quietly, but left all the same. And will never come back, no matter how much the princess pleaded to the skies.


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The princess decided that she would go back to her normal life. Act as if nothing terrible had happened. Let the knowledge that she was doomed to spend all her life in a lonely castle with nobody but memories of a love that was long gone stay at the back of her head. There would be times that the princess would be caught off guard with a scent of the hurricane that still lingered in some parts of the castle, and she would remember everything and burst to tears. But she quickly recovers, acting as if what happened was nothing but a mere lapse.

The princess tried to love herself instead. But the loneliness followed her around like her shadow, and she had to bear the weight of the absence of a lost love every single day.

And so the princess decided to live life all alone. As it always has been, and always will be, until death decides to take her. Because what good was it, waiting for love, wishing and hoping for it with all your heart, only for it to leave you lost and never to be found again?

About the author:

Nicole Rivamonte is currently a senior high school student under the Humanities and Social Sciences strand. She enjoys making prose and poetry in her spare time and plans to continue doing so for her career in the future.


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