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A book everyone likes.. but you don’t

To each his own, as one would say. Nevertheless, finding people who you share the same taste in books will always bring a special kind of comfort. Some Reddit users found it in this thread: A book everyone likes… but you don’t.

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“.. it’s Coelho in general. Hugely overrated in my opinion.”

american gods

“Still can’t make myself finish it. It’s been two years. I’m bored.”


“Tried reading it twice but it still doesn’t grab me.”


“.. the zero to hero tribal people part feels really cheesy ..”


“.. he tries to hard to write deep and beautiful but it just comes across stupid and dull ..”


” .. the biggest pile of sh*t I have ever read and I have read both Twilight and 50 shades of grey .. “

girl on the train


great expectations

” .. I forced myself to finish it. It was like a punishment ..”

the road

” .. not very original and overly repetitive and felt not even the slightest attachment to that annoying boy. “


Do you feel the same way for these titles? What books would you add to the list?




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