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World War III

World War III today we learned blog

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World War III


The battle that transcends through space, of which spears and swords were not the weapon of choice, rather words. Here, lies a battle of three unlikely characters. And you, my dear reader, is the sole judge of this battle. Of all the three, who is the most that terrify the human soul, the most treacherous that makes mortals weep, of all three, who is the most evil?

So then the three gathered, hoping to persuade and in most cases, to terrify you.

First came Time, ah, the wealthiest deity of all. Clothed with golden robes and with it, came the embroidery of clocks and roman numerals, adding grandeur is his scepter and crown, of which king Midas truly envies; gold and all, but without the curse. As mortals always praise, time is gold. And indeed, it is. The king of everything, as he says, for in Him we began. With regal posture, comforting and warm brown eyes, who would actually think one would be terrified of him?


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Time: Don’t be fooled, looks always deceive. You fear me, aye. The very thought of not having much Time terrifies you, of not spending Time more with your loved ones, things that make you happy and of course, you fear that important people in your life will not have ample time for you. You crave me, you and your foolish needs. But then what is it to fear of me? Ah yes, of taking me for granted! Do you fear of not using me well? Darling, you always have me, truth be told I am the gift of life but spending my powers appropriately? I’m sorry, but it’s the second thing you really suck at. What’s the first thing? Thinking you have limitless use of such. Ha! Now bow before me, and ease those thoughts, tremble upon your greatest fear and the greatest thief of all, Time!

Then came Death, the winged black angel, whose wings depict faces of agony, human wars, hospital beds, a rope tied to a ceiling; souls whose long buried and gone to oblivion. Quite disturbing, aye? But then came his face, of all which the gods envied for, chiseled cheeks, blond hair that resembles the summer morning of bliss, and the most aphrodisiac of all his features, his eyes. The very eyes that resemble the flame of life, the eyes whom equally terrifying and taunting at the same time. You see, my dear reader, even death is beautiful.


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Photo by Mike from Pexels

Death: Oh Time, are you not only an illusion? A social construct made by mortals? Do you really exist at all? Now, standing before you is the one who with a snap of a finger, ends everything! You are afraid of me, I know you are. What do you say to yourself every morning? “I hope I will not die today.” Ha ha! Fool! You are given the blessing of life, yet you’re afraid of something that is inevitable? Whether you like it or not, I am your endpoint. Also, I prevent you from chasing your dreams, from living life remarkably, from having a grand finite stay here on Earth and why is that so? Recalling your own stupid words, “I can’t do that, I might die.” Stupid, you think you’re immortal to delay adventures just because you think there is “tomorrow”? Hmm, what else? Oh, you fear me taking the souls of your loved ones, eh? Blah, as if life is supposed to adjust to your own terms! And what most of you will say? “I’m afraid to die, I don’t want to go to Hell.” Ha! Who says there is such a thing? A book? Conspiracy theorists?

Where do I reside anyway? Is it the fiery pits of inferno? Or nowhere, floating around in vast space awaiting your arrival? Or maybe I exist everywhere, every “life after death” theories you have, maybe they’re all true. But then I don’t care, just thinking of me terrifies you! “I don’t want to die, please.” Oh, with your empathetic tears and whinnying! Darling, why welcome me with tears when it’s your own fault, terrified of me instead of living your life? And as I visit your thoughts every night, your mind is a wonderful place to consume, really, think twice of including me in your prayers.


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Now came the most alluring of all, with white tunic dress that resembles serenity,
with auburn hair dignified with a laurel, a smile that can put all human wars to an end,
and with eyes captivating, one look and you’re ready to give your all. Presenting,
Love herself.

Love: Oh my dear writer, you speak highly of me. However, do I really put wars to an end? Or do I start it? It’s no wonder Aphrodite and Ares are lovers; love and war are perpetually intertwined. Wars always start because of your flaming love for your corrupted needs; power, fame and of course, money. Innocent lives were taken away because of some people’s greediness. To admire me is fine, but to worship me is the greatest betrayal of all. And alas, people would do everything for the sake of my name! Have you read the stories of people killing because of jealousy? Them leaving behind their dreams for their loved ones? People trading everything for love? People going mad after one touch of mine? You fear me, dear.

You fear not experiencing love; after all, you mortals always desire it. Ironically, you also fear of loving too much; of giving much of yourself all in the glory of Love. And with me, came all the bitterness and hatred- whom which starts to corrupt your mind, your logical thoughts. Once upon a time, Love used to be pure and compassionate, but alas, thank you for proving that there are always two sides to every coin, the good and the bad. Dear reader, here is a secret I want you to be aware of: the evilest of things are not those with disrupted faces, horns and whipping tails, nor not the ones with wicked smiles; sometimes evil lies in beautiful faces, kind smiles, and warm eyes. For who knows, mortals invented the art of deceit.

Now, my dear reader, who is the most evil of all three; Time, Death, or Love?

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Known as the girl whose identity is always incorporated with words – reading and writing. I always carry a book with me, and can’t live a day without writing in my journal. I dream of becoming an astronaut, however in this lifetime it seems impossible, I hope in another lifetime, I will be. But for now, I’ll become a writer.


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