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Inside the Mind of a Reader

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Inside the Mind of a Reader


A room full of books—big, small, new, and old, is a library for most people. Unless you are me, then that four-cornered room will encompass more than what they call a ‘library’. I call it a sanctuary; a place to hide from reality, an extension of my own being, or perhaps a playground—where I let my imagination run freely, past the bookshelves and dusty countertops.

I go back in time whenever I enter one. I feel like a little child once again—tiptoeing from one shelf to another, sniffing the pages of old books, and getting all giddy at the thought of holding a classic Tolstoy between the palms of my hand. It was as if I am the lost lovechild of Shakespeare and Austen, wandering through time, and lost between generations of confusing human connection. This child happened to find herself inside countless libraries, beneath piles of books—nobody introduced its magic to her, yet she stayed and grew along with it. I spring into being whenever I walk through the doors of a library. I am always beyond amused, bewildered, and excited, rather than just being happy. Happiness is an understatement.

Like any other reader, I let my book consume me. It is intimacy, my mind connecting with the author’s mind, their words sculpting characters brought to life inside my conscious mind. Sometimes, these characters stay with you, and if you’re lucky enough, you become one of them. I’ve always dreamed about it—having my own Reading Room, and slipping away voluntarily from the world for a while. There’s no better place for a reader than being in a comfortable couch, in a room full of beautiful books. Tanned pages, creased book spines, and worn jackets—you think I’ll ever get tired? Well, I guess I could do this forever.

About the author:

Lourie Joy Nerpio is a scribophile and a bibliophile. She loves reading in her free time, and blogs about her daily life musings.


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