Month: March 2019

adam silvera contemporary ya genius

Adam Silvera: A Contemporary YA Genius

Adam Silvera has been tugging the hearts of readers ever since he released his debut novel More Happy than Not. Now having released over four books, he continues to take great strides in representing characters of different color, races, sexual orientations, as well as placing them in realistic situations that young adults and adults can relate to.

inside the mind of a reader today we learned blog

Inside the Mind of a Reader

A room full of books—big, small, new, and old, is a library for most people. Unless you are me, then that four-cornered room will encompass more than what they call a ‘library’. I call it a sanctuary.

the vegetarian han kang book review today we learned blog

Book Review: The Vegetarian by Han Kang

“Time was a wave, almost cruel in its relentlessness as it whisked her life downstream, a life she had to constantly strain to keep from breaking apart.”

witty and humorous writing reddit today we learned blog 2

Books to read if you like witty and humorous writing according to Reddit

This post was inspired by the Reddit thread: ‘Recently I have been reading “The Martian” and I’m amazed at how funny it is. Are there any more books that have some of that witty and hilarious writing?’ 

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