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How I Plan to Read Better This Year

how i plan to read better this year

One of my favorite reading quotes is, “The books you read today will help shape who you can become tomorrow”. I took this to heart that for years, I’ve limited my reading choices to “good books” – best selling titles from multi-awarded authors. But I’ve since realized that what makes a good book to others vastly differs from what makes a good book for me.

So, to read better this year, I’ll be saving bookshelf space for authors and genres that I don’t usually make a beeline for. The goal is to discover my own taste in books, diversify my reading genre, and to develop a more relaxed and healthy attitude towards reading. 

If we have the same reading goals, then go ahead and check the list below. I’ve written down small personal tasks which hopefully, will make both of us better readers.


Create my own reading challenge

Reading challenges are great venues for discovering new genres and favorites. The challenge topics also vary, each one focusing on a certain type of trope, genre, or author. For this year, I’ve created a list of my own reading topics, customized to my reading goals. Some of the topics are from other reading challenges, the rest are specific book titles that I want to read. A reading list is also convenient because it keeps you away from books which won’t really help with the goal.


Follow a reading schedule

Following a reading schedule to develop a more relaxed approach to reading may seem ironic, but it works for me. I get anxious if I have an unfinished book because I don’t know when I’ll have the time or be in the mood to read again. A regular reading schedule directly solves this problem.

This year, I’ve set for myself at least 2 hours of reading on weekdays and 5 hours of reading during weekends. It’s also a good thing to note that according to research, the best time of the day to read is between 2 pm to 6 pm.


how to read better this year journal


Keep a reading journal

I’ve always been bad at keeping reading journals but I promise to put more effort into it this year. Journals are great because it forces you to process and put into words what you felt and thought about the characters and events in the book.  I think this article from ThoughtCo. is a perfect guide on how to keep a reading journal.


Try audiobooks

I’ve only started listening to audiobooks last year when I got myself a celebrity memoir. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a whole new experience when you hear the story from the actual person who lived it. I think it’s the unexpected nuances in the author’s reading which made it special.  This year, I plan to try the audiobooks from other genres to see if it will bring the same magic.


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F*ck it

Let me explain. There will be moments in life when things won’t work out no matter how good the plan is. F*ck it is reserved for these days or weeks or even months. Once F*ck it is in effect, patience, understanding, and kindness are expected to be given to oneself. After everything settles, feel free to continue where you left off or even start a new plan altogether.


What are your reading goals this year? How do you plan to accomplish it? Share your thoughts below.




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