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How to choose what to read next!

how to choose what book to read next

Can’t decide what to read next? Well, dust off your reading list because we have ideas for you!


Check reading sites and communities

Goodreads. It’s one of the largest book communities online so you’ll bound to get good book suggestions there. A search for your favorite book will already give you similar titles.

how to choose the next book to read goodreads

You can also create a discussion to get suggestions directly from other readers.

how to choose next book post discussion goodreads

Amazon. You can check the titles listed in ‘Customers who brought this item also bought‘ to get ideas.

how to choose next book read amazon

Reddit. Subreddits r/books, r/booksuggestions, r/suggestmeabook and r/kindle are treasure troves of good book suggestions.

what to read next reddit

Suggest-me-a-book. There are sites specifically put up to help you choose what book to read next. Some of my favorites are:


Make it fun!

Use a deck of cards. Go over your reading list and assign a book to a card from the deck. Shuffle the cards, then pick one. The book on the card is now your next read.

Roll a dice. Choose 6 books from your reading list and assign each a number from 1 to 6. Roll the dice!

Book bowl. Cut paper into small squares then write a book title on each. Put all paper squares into a bowl, then draw one every time you need a new book to read.


Ideas from Reddit

  • Bring your reading list to the library or bookstore, then check out which books from your list are available. Read those.
  • Select a different genre. The last book was a sci-fi? How about a memoir next?
  • Choose the shortest book from your reading pile.
  • Start reading multiple books, then stick with the book which interested you the most.
  • Keep a ‘long haul’ book which is a title you’ll intentionally read slowly, alongside other books.
  • Set a rule to read a certain number of books from your reading pile before buying a new book.
  • Follow your favorite authors on social media and check what their favorite books are or what they’re currently reading.
  • If you are a non-fiction reader, check the notes section of the book if you want to do further reading on the same topic.

Do you have ideas we can add to the list? Share your tips below!


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