Things I learned after two months of blogging

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Tips from one newbie blogger to another. Here are the things I learned after two months of blogging:


Know how to properly credit content

Blogs and social media sites are the breeding ground of incorrectly cited or credited content. I don’t want to be a part of the problem so I purposefully looked for guides on how I can correctly and legally feature other people’s work on my blog. Below are good articles to check:


Spend time on SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO is basically making changes to your site to make it search engine-friendly. Doing so will allow your site to rank high in search results thus, making sure that people who are interested in what you have to say can find you. Unfortunately, optimization can require a lot of hours especially if your working with a new blog. There are also constant updates on SEO algorithms so the work never ends. The most helpful articles I found are:


Social media helps

Aside from one more way of directing visitors to your site, social media can help build your readership. You can create a page or group where your readers can directly interact with your content. Plus, a viral post or tweet wouldn’t hurt.


Don’t stop learning

Read and learn from other bloggers. If possible, ask for mentorship. There are a lot of blogging courses available online so really, no excuse. One of my go-to sites is Skillshare.


Write, write, and write some more

Just write. Post that shitty first draft. Most of the learning comes with mistakes.


Work for the goal every day

Whether it’s editing an old post or inviting friends to subscribe, make it a goal to work on the blog every day. Breaking down a big task, like customizing your site’s theme, into smaller, everyday tasks will also make it more manageable.

Help me grow this list! What are the things you learned from blogging? What skills should a new blogger develop? Share your thoughts below!


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