Month: January 2019

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Book Review: You (Novel) by Caroline Kepnes

“The only thing crueler than a cage so small that a bird can’t fly is a cage so large that a bird thinks it can fly.”
– You (Novel) by Caroline Kepnes | Book Review

books featured in you novel netflix caroline kepnes

Books featured on You (Novel) by Caroline Kepnes

With a bookish pyscho and a troubled writer as the main characters, the book is filled to the brim with good reading suggestions.

How to choose your next read using Tastedive, Whichbook, Reddit!

How I choose my next read using Tastedive, Whichbook, Reddit, and other sites!

How to choose what to read next!

Just finished a book but you can’t seem to choose what to read next? Well, dust off your reading list because we have ideas for you!

goodreads how to create a did not finish DNF shelf

How to create a DNF shelf plus importing books on Goodreads!

I saw this question pop up on reddit the other day so I decided to make a how-to video about it! 

things i learned in blogging laptop in table

Things I learned after two months of blogging

Tips from one newbie blogger to another.

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Book Feature: An Unnecessary Woman

“I thought I’d be reading a new book today, but it doesn’t feel right, or I don’t feel like it. Some days are not new-book days”


Audible Originals Top Picks!

The favorites plus a few audio features we can’t wait to start listening to!

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Facebook book shopping tips!

Check these tips before commenting ‘mine’ on that book post.

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