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Best Planner for 2019. Disappointments included.

So you’re looking for your 2019 journal? Is your motto, why try when nothing is going to work out in the end? Do you enjoy cringe humor and recognizes the power of puns? Boy, I have the right thing for you.

Perpetual Disappointments Diary. This diary is best for days when you’re having an existential crisis but you’d still like to journal. Just add glitter, I guess.


perpetual disappointments diary front cover

diary page bank insecurity questions


My personal favorites are the ‘demotivational’ proverbs printed on every page.


diary page with text if ignorance is bliss why are you so sad


Here are some of their proverbs I have put to heart:

  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, followed by countless others, gradually merging into a relentless trudge
  • Make love, not whatever *that* is
  • Women: you can’t live with them because they won’t let you
  • A fool and his money are text 10101 for the rest of this sensational proverb
  • Another day, another net loss
  • You can lead a horse to water but you’re nearly 48 and still not married


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The Guardian had put it, this diary is “Cheeringly depressing..”, words I hope I won’t need to describe my 2019.


I bought my copy at Fully Booked, BGC. For international orders, you can check it on Amazon.

(photos from Asbury&Asbury)





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